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  • What is security? Within the context of an ISP, security describes how well your computer and therefore your files are protected from malicious outsiders.
  • If my internet connection is 'always on', can someone on the internet get into my computer? With typical cable modem, DSL and even some ISDN connections, yes. These systems provide you with a static, externally routable IP address which means that any computer in the world that knows (or can guess) your IP address can talk directly to your computer. An IP address is like a phone number assigned to your computer. If you have one of these types of connections it is very important that you have a firewall to protect your computer from the internet. Dial-up connections are not as exposed because they are not typically connected all the time, but when they are connected they are just as vulnerable.
  • What is a firewall and how do I get one? A firewall is software, hardware or both that permits or prohibits access to a computer or private network. As a Fastlinx.net customer you benefit from our securely configured firewall. On our network, your computer is assinged a private IP, one that only our computers can talk to directly. When you request a web page, our firewall translates your computer's address so that to the internet community it appears that the request came from our firewall. When the web page arrives, our firewall re-translates the address and forwards it to your computer. There is no way for a random computer on the internet to talk directly to your computer. Our firewall also enhances your privacy because whatever you do on the internet appears to have been done by our firewall.
Please email any questions regarding privacy to Webmaster@fastlinx.net