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  • What information does fastlinx.net have? Fastlinx.net has billing information as well as the contents of any files or email you have stored on our servers. We will use your personal information only to manage your account and to communicate with you. Though we do not track what individual users do, we do track aggregate bandwidth usage for the purpose of maintaining good service. We reserve the right to log any traffic on our network deemed appropriate should we suspect any criminal activity.
  • What does fastlinx.net do with information about users?
    1. Billing information gets passed only to the appropriate billing contact. For instance, we deposit your check at our bank. Our bank can infer from this deposit that you have a relationship with fastlinx.net. If you pay by credit card, we submit your credit card number to a bank for processing. We will not sell, rent or otherwise convey your billing information to any third party except for those institutions which require the information for payment processing. We will accept cash.
    2. Files and email that you have stored on our servers will be archived during our normal backups. These backups are for administrative and maintenance purposes. We will not release those files or divulge their contents to any third party without a court order. Whenever possible, you will be notified should we receive such an order. We will make every effort to maintain the integrity of your files on our system but cannot provide a guarantee. Ultimately, you are responsible for backing up your data.
  • What happens when this policy changes? If we have to change this policy you will be given 30 days notice before the change takes effect. If you don't like the new policy you may choose to terminate your account effective with the policy change and we will refund any access fee balance.
  • What happens after my account is terminated? 30 days after your account is closed we will delete any files and email from our servers. Archived copies of the files will be gradually removed (1 to 2 months) from the archives but not explicitly deleted. Billing information will be kept for up to 7 years, or as long as our accountants advise.
  • What if I don't like something in your policy? Please tell us. This policy is as protective of the user as possible while still allowing us to maintain our systems. If you see something that can be changed to improve privacy we'll certainly consider making the change.
Please email any questions regarding privacy to Webmaster@fastlinx.net